Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ainge open to trades, exploring Rondo deals, but deal not likely

Many teams see Rondo as the final player to get them over the hump. What do the Celtics see Rondo as? Is he the franchise, or is he just another player, just another number that's passing through. Danny always explains that it's his job to explore the value of his players, even if he's not serious about moving that player, like Rajon. It's annoying, and the Rondo rumors have been around 5 years now. That's five years of enduring painful rumors.

As long as Danny Ainge is making the moves, not one single player is safe.

I reported that Wyc Grousbeck set the asking price high for Ainge. I want to believe that these will be the final rumors heading into Rondo's free agency. But one thing will always remain. Danny Ainge is the General Manager, and he's a GM that takes every call.


"The bottom line is this: Nobody is moving unless Danny Ainge gets a nice return. If they are going to do a do a deal, it's probably a minor one. The guys that Danny likes, those guys aren't available. And the guys that he's willing to move? Teams aren't willing to give him what he's looking for."

A smaller scale move should be his focus, and what's his definition of a good return?

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  1. Danny's attitude is wrong. It's disgusting to see all the other blogs repeating his mantras. If you constantly 'check the value' of your players, it makes them feel uneasy, and it should. Loyalty is a two way street.

  2. I'm pretty sure Rondo has earned the right to get out of these talks. I think we know his value by now.