Friday, February 28, 2014

Ainge satisfied with Rondo explanation

All's well what ends well?
I guess we can say it that way.

Ainge talked yesterday about his conversation with Rondo about the point guard skipping the game in Sacramento last week, and he defended his player.

“It was between Rondo and I, and I learned some things that I didn’t know and we had a long conversation about it and I’m satisfied with it,” Ainge told the Globe. “He learned from it, too. Let’s move on.”
 “Whether it was a mistake or whether it wasn’t a mistake I think is in question,” he said. “Second of all, for those that want to assume that it was a mistake, leaders make mistakes. All leaders make mistakes. That’s just part of it. That doesn’t disqualify them as leaders. Leaders learn, too.”

 I like what Danny said here.

We'll never really know what happened during that conversation, but I said last time that I think this is something that should be handled inside the locker room, or behind closed doors, and Ainge basically closed the doors to the media here.

Asked about this matter once again, also Stevens had some nice words for the captain.

“I haven’t read or heard everything,” said Stevens, “because obviously I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now. It really is closed from our standpoint and I think that the most important thing we all can do, as I said the other day, is continue to move forward. I thought the best way for him to do that was to lead and play well on Wednesday.”
“I sent him a text [Thursday] because it’s not easy when you’re kind in the middle of a storm cloud to go out and perform or go out and put forth the right amount of effort,” Stevens said. “And we don’t win the game if he doesn’t dive on the floor when it’s 23-10 [Hawks].
“I am dead convinced. It turned the whole game around. He dove on the floor, he cut up his chin, we got energized. It became contagious and that was the best way he could respond to everything.
“From our relationship, from everything in here, this is in the past for us.”

 I'm afraid the media will continue to bash Rondo forever; it looks like they're never satisfied with it; but right now, Rondo has the Celtics on his side.

If he continues to work hard, and grow as a player, and as a leader like he's done in the last couple of years, they'll have his back. Everyone makes mistakes; the difference is that smart people just learn from them.

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