Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Arrogance is a warm gun, the Lebron James story

What did you expect from the best player on the planet? Did you expect him to come out modest, or did you expect something entirely different. Lebron James is this generations Bird, Magic, and Michael. We know it, but does he need to tell us that? Even though he's the generations best player, does that mean he's in that category of all-time greats?

James never ceases to amaze me. The arrogance that he carries, I know he normally doesn't come out and say how great he is, but when asked. He's like a babbling teenage girl that can't stop talking. I will always have something negative to say about James. I just can't let my personal feelings go. I still believe he took the easy road, and it's hard for me to credit him. So sometimes I feel I can't report on him correctly. But I just want to express the way I feel. Right or wrong.

James' comments are really not that bad in the spectrum of pro sports. Bird was as arrogant as they come, but didn't Bird have some rights to be? He won a NBA title in his second year in the league. Magic won his first in his rookie season, and he led the team to the victory in game six when Kareem was sidelined. Jordan had a different path, very similar to James. Jordan was also going up against the likes of Magic, and Bird, and James fell to mention Isiah Thomas. A very underrated player from that era, despite how great he was.

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“I would say obviously, the easy three, that we all talk about in our league is Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and you got Magic Johnson. And I would say my fourth… this is so tough, the greatest players of all time that I would like to see on Mount Rushmore… this is not fair. You know how many great players there is?

“Oscar Robertson.”

Then comes the question that will ignite hours of sports talk radio: When his career is over, will LeBron be up there?



“Because I’m going to be one of the top four to ever play this game, for sure. And if they don’t want me to have one of those top four spots they better find another spot on that (mountain).”

You may think that Lebron was distasteful with his comments, or you could care less. But, isn't James doing himself a disservice by jumping ahead. Through the years we've tasted so many flavors of his arrogance. James has the resume to talk like he's the best in the game today, but to put your own head on the Mount Rushmore of NBA greats, it's unsettling for me.

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