Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bayless had the big game for the Celtics, but Wallace was the rock

Gerald Wallace has started for the Celtics since AB's injury. With the recent toe injury to Olynyk. Brad Stevens was forced to shake things up a bit. With the shakeup, Stevens inserted Bayless into the starting lineup, and move Gerald Wallace to the bench.

Wallace's performances will never have a massive stat line behind his night. The Celtics were struggling in the first quarter, down 15 points at one point. Once Wallace came in for Kris Humphries, the Celtics would close the 15 point deficit down to two points at the end of the first quarter.

Wallace registered his first double-double in a Celtics uniform. Wallace had 12 points and 10 rebounds, in a much needed win for Boston. Wallace is picked on a lot because of his contract. Despite Wallace's lack of scoring, he provides so much more, a toughness that you can't always find. Wallace did start the second half, and Stevens said why he made the switch after halftime.


"Pretty much based on the first six minutes of the game. And Gerald brings a toughness to us, and there’s no question about that, you know I tried to protect our rotations a little bit by not starting him and that was clearly a genius move, so we went back with him at the start of the second half."
"Gerald brings a toughness to us, and there's no question about that," said Stevens.

You will always get Wallace hustling, hitting the floor for loose balls, you name it, Wallace will do it if it gives his team a better chance to win. Wallace has called this team out a couple of times this season. Wallace won't hold his feelings back, and for a young team like this. It's a big hit of reality for them.

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