Thursday, February 13, 2014

Celtics bench out work starters, Olynyk for MVP

Out worked, out hustled, you name it the Celtics bench did it. Brad Stevens worked the second unit during the second quarter when the C's got nothing from the starting crew.

"I just thought our bench was better than our starters in the first half. I thought our starters played well out of the gate in the third quarter, and then did some really good things. But I thought they just struggled out of the gate in the first half. But those guys, you know no matter who they have, they put a lot of pressure on you. And the way they move the ball – I said this before the game; it’s basketball the way basketball should be played – and it’s really a pleasure to watch, unless you’re coaching against it."

The combo of Humphries, and Olynyk scored 15 apiece for 30 points. Bayless also added 11 points. During the second quarter the bench provided 19 of Boston's 25 points. They kept the Celtics in the game, and we witnessed major growth from Olynyk in the process. Olynyk has done all the basic rookie things. He's passed up good shots, he's made silly mistakes, but he hasn't let that discourage him. He's also been called for every phantom call this season, that's humanly possible. At least according to Tommy.

“Kelly for MVP,” offered Sullinger, referencing teammate Kelly Olynyk, who will join him at Friday’s annual rookie/sophomore mixer. “The past two games, the way he’s been playing -- confidence means everything in the world in basketball -- so I don’t think anybody’s stopping him down there.”

Olynyk picked up his first two double-doubles of his NBA career, including a 15-point, 10-rebound effort in Wednesday’s 104-92 loss to the Spurs. Like any rookie, Kelly has seen his fair share of troubles. But he seems like a player that will work through it all. His rebounding has improved, and his hard work seems to be paying off.

Olynyk’s rebound percentages have increased recently (24.3 defensive rebound percentage; 18.6 total rebound percentage). Such a vast improvement by the rook. I think his rebounding abilities can set him apart from so many in the league. I'm starting to feel pretty good about Kelly. His confidence is visible out there, and it's just great to witness.

Humphries on the other hand shows once again, that maybe he should start along with Sully. He wants to stay in Boston, and I would love to see him stay. He's been better then expected, for me at least. He's worked hard, and hustled his ass off all season.

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  1. loved them last night. Hump and kelly nearly won this game.