Thursday, February 6, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Jared Sullinger becoming Mr. Double-Double

Where do I begin with Jared Sullinger? Well, first of all, Sullinger is averaging 21.3 points and 13 rebounds over the past three outings. Is this a look of things to come for the second year big man out of "The Ohio Star University"? Many fans, including myself salivate at the thought that Sullinger can be this type of player every night. Sully gave an explanation about his recent stretch of games.

"Honestly, I've just been letting go of everything. My dad came and told me face-to-face, 'Your body language sucks, and it looks like you don't really care.' He told me to get back to my old ways, and ever since I've done that, everything has been clicking for me."

Jared Sullinger continues to plow through the season with a mission to get better as a player. As the season moves along, Sullinger gains confidence that's visible on the floor, but he also has a great feel for his teammates, and maybe Sullinger is one of the go-to guys in the Rondo era. I certainly believe he has a great chance to be that player.

Sullinger's performance will go unnoticed after Green went off for 36, and with Rondo controlling this game, and looking more and more like himself. Sullinger seems to be okay with that, and his focus seems less ego driven then you can imagine. He seems like a player that puts his head down, and just goes full speed ahead. Not worrying what others think, and just going out there playing to maximum effort. That's what the future holds with Jared.


  1. Oh Lord, Sully is not going unnoticed! But I think that something has happened and the Cs are like a machine that is starting to click. I think it starts with Rondo, but the next three guys are equally important - Green, Sully, Bradley.

  2. Rondo has certaintly lifted up their games.Poor Bradley cant get a fair shake.