Thursday, February 27, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Rondo defends his role as Celtics leader

Until Rondo has some success without Garnett, Pierce, and Allen on the roster. The city of Boston won't fully jump on board with Rondo as the Celtics leader, and with the recent scandal. It may take Rondo even longer to win the media in Boston over. Rondo has always been a subject of their desire, and the one player that has been an easy target for them. Rondo has helped them in some of his past incidents, and the latest story has given them fuel.

I still think Danny should have kept it in house, but I also get the feeling that Rondo is upset with this year's trade deadline shangagins by Danny Ainge. Rondo may have thrown in some key words into his interview after the Celtics win.

Boston Herald
“Everybody has their own opinion, but I’m going to go out there and play as hard as I can while I’m a Celtic and that’s all I can do,” Rondo said after the Celtics collected their 20th win of the season in their 59th game. “That’s the only thing I can control was how hard I play for my team and for myself.”

Rondo might not have listened to the chatter surrounding his absence from last Saturday’s game against Sacramento because of his 28th birthday, which was first reported by the Herald. But he did hear the chatter surrounding his name leading up to the trade deadline.

“I think this trade deadline was the most I’ve been in trade talks leading up to the deadline,” Rondo said. “It’s not always a bad thing. Somebody wants you, so you can look at it two ways. I don’t really choose to let it bother me. I try to continue to go out there and play as well as possible while I’m a Celtic.”

If you caught the video in my article last night, then you can hear the tone in his voice. The way he said, "while I'm a Celtic", seemed to spark some concern from some fans. Perhaps Rondo is counting down the days for free agency, it will be Rondo's turn, (if Danny doesn't trade of him course) to turn the tables on Ainge. Rondo can make him stress a little, but that's if Danny even cares. That's also up for debate if the man in charge cares about Rondo.

It's hard to read if Danny just cares because Rondo is a good piece to move, or a good piece to hold on to. With Rondo, and Danny's meeting coming up. Both need to get some things straight, that's including the trade deadline. If they already haven't spoken about the rumors. Now will be the best chance to set the record straight for both men.

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This is the type of stuff that will make Ainge look like a great guy for dealing the franchise trouble maker. Well played Ainge, well played.


  1. Brad and Danny decided to elevate this into a controversy, so it's big time now

  2. I think Stevens didn't say anything too much about it, this was Danny's choice. Stevens didn't come out and say it, that was Ainge.

  3. I must say I am really disappointed in the way that Brad and Danny have handled this. It should never have become a story in the first place. I just hope this isn't the last straw that makes Rondo decide he wants out of this organization.