Saturday, February 8, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Wallace the unsung hero in Celtics win over the Kings

Gerald Wallace nearly finished with a triple-double of eight points, nine assists and 12 rebounds. Not only did he put up the stats, but he played with a sense of want, and desire to win Friday night. Wallace hit the floor pretty hard Friday night, more then a couple of times, but that's Wallace. He won't shy away from throwing his body around.


"I thought the guy who did probably fill up the stat sheet a little bit was, lifted us in a lot of ways, Gerald Wallace," said head coach Brad Stevens. "His physicality and toughness all over the court was great."

Wallace has been ruled by the fans, a guy that the Celtics must dump. Right now I'm good having this guy around. He's teaching some of the young guys. They should be picking up his "crash" mentality, and his never stop mindset. He's a good guy to have around, he's defiantly not a cancer with this young team.

Some other notes from last nights game.

I guess Kris Humphries was late to the game because of traffic. Because of that, Brad Stevens went with seldom used Joel Anthony. Stevens did eventually put Humphries out there, but with no effect. Hump played 7 minutes, with zero points, along with 1 rebound. Thankfully the Celtics are deep with bigs, so it didn't hurt the outcome at all.

Bass was also lost in translation, he scored just 2 points off of 1-of-8 shooting. Bass has been pretty consistent this season, but with Sully dominating the Kings, Bass was a mere spectator.


  1. I think hump and wallace have both been good and should be considered as keepers.

  2. Wallace is still signed for two more years after this season, so he'll be here, but I hope Danny is able to keep Hump for the right price. He's a nice big off the bench.