Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Danny Ainge the master of basketball politics

Politics is a funny business. Danny Ainge may not be a politician, but he sure acts like one. Ainge, could have politely declined talking about Rondo's absence from the team. But, Ainge couldn't refrain himself from spilling the beans.

A politician's greediness of political power, prestige and influence. Their sweet promises, glib talks, and convincing gestures. If voters pick it up, the bait for a cursed government awaits. They can dance, they can sing, make you think what you want to think. That's as long as you don't see the real truth.

I think a big majority of Boston fans love Ainge, and I like him, but just because I like him as the GM. Does it mean I trust him, and does it mean that I need to believe what he says? Ainge may have struck gold with Rondo ditching the Sacramento trip. It takes away from the fact that Ainge shopped Rondo before the deadline, and that he may not want to offer Rondo max money when Rondo becomes a free agent.

Politics and religion, are two topics that cause division in this country. In most countries actually, and I think Boston fans have some divisions. Not about politics or relgion, but about common practices in the NBA. Also about a player like Rondo. Danny has collateral over Rondo at this point. Now NBA Analysts can gang up on Rondo, and now Ainge doesn't look like a fool for trying to trade Rondo.

Ainge has provided them a story. Like I said, Danny could have kept this in house. Now it's out there, the dirty laundry is out, and now Ainge trading Rondo isn't such a hot button. Now it's all Rondo's fault. A big part me hopes that I'm wrong, but Ainge is crafty, and he's always a few jumps ahead of everyone else.

I know Rondo was the one that missed the trip. It wasn't Danny Ainge, but Ainge shouldn't add fuel to this fire. Instead of protecting his captain, Ainge has thrown him to the wolves, to guys like this over at CSNNE.

Gasper sums up his thoughts on Rondo skipping the game.

"Yeah, he's absolutely wrong," Gasper said. "This is the captain of your team. They're in the middle of a losing streak. They blew a 13-point lead the night before, he shot 2-of-12 from the field. But here's the larger issue: What have we heard from the anti-tanking crowd? 'No, you have to build a positive culture for these guys.' Well, how does this build a positive culture if the captain, the leader of your team - I know he's not supposed to play in the game, but they're in the middle of a losing streak and he can't go and support his teammates because he needs to blow out the candles on his birthday cake? I don't see how that builds a winning culture for the Celtics."

Tanguah has had more than his fair share of Rondo criticisms, and he doesn't hold back this time either. He basically tells Rondo if he want to be a leader he has to know it's a full-time gig.

"Either you're in or you're out as a leader is the bottom line," Tanguay said. "If you're going to accept the role as captain, and the Celtics gave him that job and he seemed to be doing a fine job handling it. Seemed to accept it. But you ca't just say, 'OK today I'm not the captain'. Either you are or you're not. And the fact is I don't think he has what it takes to be a captain."

Perhaps Rondo pulled this because of the trade rumors. But, this shouldn't be news, and it's news because Danny Ainge made this news. If you don't believe that. I'm good with that. Ainge has taken the heat off his back, and now Rondo is burning in the fire.


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