Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is the Boston media trying to push Rondo out of town?

You go through life avoiding certain complications. Sometimes being yourself doesn't pay off. Yes, you could be a little weird, maybe even unique. You don't fit the mold that was designed for you in the factory, so let's throw you in the trash with every other piece of trash.

Staring into a broken reflection of a tarnished imperfection. Rondo's image is just that in the eyes of Boston's media. I want to erase their voices from my ears. I wish it was that simple. It's been mighty hard hearing about Rondo for the past 4 days or so.

I've come to the point where I'm done. Just done with it. I want to see the movie screen turn to black, I want to see "The End" in big bright white letters. The debate has ended. The local media has pushed Rondo into this. Yes, he's not one for opening up. Most athletes are attacked for being closed, and not open with the media.

What's the ending of Rondo's story? Is there a story in the works? Is there a story that's finalized, but it just needs to be acted out for the world to see. Rondo is the lone star on the Celtics, in a city that's the best, or one of the best sports towns in America. The media has made every Rondo story bigger than what it should be.

I started this blog to voice how I feel, and I know I'm not the greatest site, and were not the cool kids of the Celtics blog world. But I will never sell myself for a click, or for popularity with outlandish articles. That's what the Rondo media storm has brought for all the major media outlets. It wasn't enough for Bob Ryan to go on the attack.


"I think he's demonstrated he's learned the art of being extremely careful and saying just enough but not everything in his answer," Ryan told Gary Tanguay on Arbella Early Edition.

"We are talking about Rajon Rondo," Ryan said. "I don't know if Brad Stevens has allowed himself to believe that he had figured out Rondo. If he did believe that, then he now knows that he hasn't. Rajon Rondo will never let anybody in. He wants to be in control of the situation. He wants to let everyone know who's boss...Now, Brad Stevens has a fuller picture [of Rondo], if not a complete one, which may never have."

The enigma that is Rondo frustrated his former coach Doc Rivers, Ryan pointed out.

"The whole thing with Doc didn't know which one you were going to get and when the other Rondo would show up," Ryan said.

So, is the talent worth all the other stuff?

"That is the question they have to answer for themselves," Ryan said of the Celtics. "He's not Chris Paul because he's not a scorer and distributor. He's not Derrick Rose at his best. He's a distributor first and a weirdly efficient scorer, when he wants to be."

But ESPN jumped on the Bob Ray train. They reported a scout ranked Rondo the 40th best point guard in the NBA, and he called Rondo the most overrated player in the NBA. Journalism has morphed into trash reality television. Sports in general has turned into Entertainment Tonight, and it's the world we live in now. I'm a nobody in there world, but I know I can go asleep at night. Stories like Rondo is the 40th best point guard, is for shock value, and for people, or bloggers like me to talk about ESPN.

The media in Boston has started the petition to get Rondo out, and the godfather of sports media has jumped on Rondo. It's the cool thing to do, so why not bully the basketball player who loves to play connect four. He's not "Cliff Paul", and he's not "Grandpa Drew", Rondo is not on the small screen playing a lovable character. Rondo has hit the small screen though. He's made an appearance on E!'s Fashion Police, and he's been on Jimmy Kimmel.

If you thought this was the end of the storm. Your sadly mistaken. Rondo will be in rumors all summer, all the way until the summer of 2015. I don't think anyone is confident that's happening either. Nobody has excepted Rondo as the building block of the Celtics, that's why it's been so easy for them to attack. Rondo will always be looked at as the guy who won because of the "Big 3", and was a top 5 point guard because of them. Rondo needs to prove to them that he's still that player. But honestly, why should he? He should do it for himself.

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  1. Great piece, Shawn. Seems li9ke they are out to destroy this Kid's career.

  2. Big three don't have a championship without Rondo

  3. Bob Ryan is a bitter old man, has been since 1919

  4. Can't wait until they trade him this summer

  5. Rondo is not Chris Paul , he is better, who wins every meeting between them, Rondo, stop the comparison, the Point guard's job is to distribute the ball and score when necessary, not be the first scoring option. BTW does anyone listen to Bob Ryan anymore, and yes I agree the sorry*$# Boston , media is flexing their power because they can , next up Shaughnessey. Guys who cannot coach or play , but are paid to have opinions and start up controversies to justify the advertising dollars.
    Leave the Kid alone, Rondo is an extremely talented Point guard that will hoist another banner in the Garden