Monday, February 10, 2014

Jeff Green Playing Mind Games

All season, Green has shown an ability to put up big numbers like Monday nights 29 points. Unfortunately, every big night he has is seemingly stuck between two poor games, if not more games in between. If Green can find a way to consistently perform like we know he can. Then he'll become a a legit option. He's still a worthy starter,and he's honestly a third option if not a really good fourth option on a good team.

By the numbers, Green could be playing his most consitent ball. I was encouraged by Green in Monday's game. Normally when he starts the game out slow, the outcome isn't positive. Green shot 1-of-4 after the first quarter, and he was 3-of-9 at the end of the first half. In the second half Jeff was 8-of-13 from the field. Another thing that enjoyed, was the lack of three-point attempts from Green. Don't get me wrong, Green has hit big three's, and he's a solid three-point shooter, but in moderation. Green was nailing the mid-range shot, and it was natural for Jeff, and it's something that I'd rather see then a barrage of three's.

The recent run by Green, could help Danny Ainge, who may look to trade Green at the trade deadline. If Green remains with the Celtics. Will Rondo take over the lead, once he starts playing on more consistent basis, instead of sitting out games. I'll repeat this again, probably for the millionth time. Jeff Green isn't a number one option, or a go-to guy. He's a solid option outside out that. He's good at being the third option, and on a very good team, he's an extraordinary 4th option.

In Green's last 5 games, he's averaging 21 a game, and he pretty much had two 30 point games in that stretch. I'm counting the Bucks game as a 30 point performance, because it was a point shy. In Uncle Jeff's last 10 games, he's nearly averaging 19 points a game, that would be 3 points higher then Jeff's season average. I think we've seen some progress out of Green. Is Rondo in his ear? Maybe, will see what's next for Green and the Celtics. They'll play the Spurs Wednesday, before they head into the All-Star break.


  1. Perfect title for Green. This was without Rondo again, which means Green needs the ball to be effective.

  2. Hate to be a hater, but his value is at peak right now. If a deal presents itself, take it Mr.Ainge. If Rondo can reach this guy, then Rondo is more amazing then I thought.

  3. Green has to learn to play off Rondo if he wants to stay. Please, no more Rondo-Pierce style power struggles! Let's only keep around people who are happy to play off Rondo. That could be Green. But it seems like he's got to figure it out.

  4. Trade him for Josh Smith..