Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kyrie Irving reportedly wants to leave Cleveland, could Rondo and Irving play together?

I feel for Cleveland, I think they made a poor move by brining Mike Brown back as head coach. Brown made his career by hanging onto Lebron's jock strap during his first tenure in Cleveland. He hasn't shown that he can coach a team otherwise. A lot of buzz over this past summer, and still currently that Lebron James may return to Cleveland. When he's able to opt out of his contract in Miami this summer.

Well, those dreams could be dying for Cleveland fans, if they even really want James to return. The Cavs were supposed to be a playoff team, but they currently sit 5 games back of the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. It's been rumored for some time, that All-Star MVP Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland.


If Kyrie Irving truly wants to be on a different team next season he can probably make it happen. The Cleveland Cavaliers will offer Irving a maximum contract extension once they're allowed to on July 1, and if he hasn't signed it by October, the team will likely be forced to trade him before the Oct. 31 deadline for third-year players to extend their contracts.

I know this is kind of coming out of left field from me, but I thought about the Celtics pulling off a trade for Irving. Why would the Celtics do such a thing when they have Rondo? Well, Kyrie is 21, and he's improving every single year. Kyrie is listed as a point guard, and that's what he does in Cleveland, so why bring him in? Well, he could move to shooting guard. He is 6' 3", but I see him playing like Wade. Dwayne is around 6' 4", so why can't Kyrie move over to shooting guard?

I do worry that both Rondo and Irving would clash. Rondo is a pass first point guard, and I frankly believe he needs scorers. Rondo I'm afraid will never have the mentality to go out there and score every night. Yes, he will take the opportunity in some games, but don't expect him to shoot over 20 shots a night. So, Rondo will need scorers in my opinion. The Celtics have cap room next season, and they have draft picks, young talent, and Pierce's trade exception. The only set back is that this move won't happen until the October 31st deadline, if it's even a legit deal.

I think this move would put the Celtics in great company. It would also be a great transition of generations. Rondo is 28, and Kyrie is 21. When Rondo's career is nearing the end in 6-7 years. Kyrie will be hitting the peak of his prime. The big question is if these two want to play with each other, and if it will truly work. I think this duo would work. I see Rondo as the leader, a player that has been very successful on the team level. Kyrie on the other hand, hasn't really shown that he can lead a team. He's without question a first option, but I don't think he has that same killer mindset that Rondo has.

On the other hand, Kyrie is just 21, and Rondo was fortunate to learn from some of the best players in NBA history. Kyrie still has plenty of time to develop into a better leader. I think this move is a long shot, but I think it's the kind of move that Ainge has in mind this coming summer.


  1. Hate to say it, but I like the idea,

  2. I used to think that Rondo had it in him to be more of a scorer, but his difficulties hitting the side of a barn recently have made it seem that perhaps he does not.

  3. Rondo seems like a streak shooter. Its just not natural for him.