Thursday, February 13, 2014

Report: Ainge looking for first round picks, for Green and Bradley

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, reports that Danny Ainge is looking into trading Green, and Bradley to gain more first round picks. Good luck with that Danny, especially in this years coming draft. Danny is someone you can't fully trust. I don't think he'll trade Bradley, but Ainge is so unpredictable, that you just don't know.

CBS Sports

"I've had conversations with a couple of different general managers last night, and we talked a little bit about Boston and what they were trying to do at the trade deadline, and the sense I got from them was that Boston is totally overvaluing some of the players they have. They're looking for first-round picks in return for guys like Jeff Green or a guy like Avery Bradley and others and they're just not going to get it.”

This is all apart of being Celtics fans. The General Manager is known for big trades, and not shying away from risks. I suppose we have to deal with the rumors, year in, and year out. I don't see Ainge being successful in his quest for first round draft picks.


  1. Are you serious Ainge, Bradley?

  2. Ainge trades Bradley if he thinks he cant resign him.