Monday, February 17, 2014

Report: Celtics seeking young talent for Rondo, with draft picks

It wouldn't be a trade deadline without Rondo's name out there. For me, there isn't a deal out there that I would act on. Unless Kevin Durant's name is attached to the trade, which is impossible. I'm not on board for any deal with Rondo's name attached to it. Especially the alleged deal. The deal has been updated to a potential or borderline star for Rondo, along with the two first round picks.


Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has repeatedly said that he has no plans of trading Rajon Rondo.

Considering what reportedly Ainge would want in order to part with Rondo, he won't have much of a problem keeping true to his word.

Sam Smith of reported that, "... the asking price if you can get Rondo is said to be two unprotected first rounders."

Actually, the Celtics are looking for more than just draft picks if they are to move Rajon Rondo. In addition to multiple picks, the Celtics would be seeking at least one young, up-and-coming, borderline All-Star caliber talent in return.

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  1. You could say that Danny is deliberately setting the price so high that no one would play it. But the Kings rumor seems to blow up that interpretation.