Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rondo's leadership in question, after missed trip to Sacramento

I feel like this is Rondo's Allen Iverson moment. I can vision Rondo reacting like Iverson, when AI talked about missing practice, "were talking about practice". Superstar players usually have huge targets on their backs, and with Rondo skipping the Sacramento trip. His target has a big red arrow pointing down at it.

Rondo has made big strides this season as a leader, and now he finally holds the captains chair, after Paul Pierce departed. With Rondo enjoying some time in LA this past Saturday, which happened to be his 28th birthday. Rondo's leadership has been put on the hot seat. Does his ditching the team hurt the C's. Does it show signs of what's to come?

First of all, when has Rondo ever ditched out on the team? This is not a leadership issue. Yes, the Celtics are struggling, losers of 5 straight. But, I think because the season has been so bad, that a story like this catches on, and it's made into a bigger deal. I think Rondo did what he did because of Ainge, and because hell, why not, he wasn't going to suit up. I don't see Avery Bradley on this trip, yes, he's hurt, but Rondo was on the road with the team during his rehab.

I can't say what Rondo did was the right thing, and maybe he should have communicated better. The thing is this, we don't know the details. I think this entire thing was odd timing. If it wasn't Rondo's birthday, would he have gone? I think so, and with it being his birthday. I find it to be less harmful.

This stunt by Rondo hasn't hurt the locker room. The media, and others make it into that. Look at Doc Rivers, how many times did he fly back and forth to see his kids play, or for whatever reason he saw fit. Doc didn't miss games, but he did leave the team for personal reasons. You could call Doc out at times, for the Celtics not being prepared for some games.

I hope we all can just move on from this, and I hope to see more fans out there thinking this is a non-issue. If you missed it, checkout my other story about this topic.

Danny Ainge the master of basketball politics


  1. I think it is a non-issue and I think most fans do too. It is only the media, who are hungry for a story, who are making this a big deal. Rondo was there every game during his rehab. No other injured player would have done what Rondo did in terms of showing up for games he would never play in. This is a non-story as far as I am concerned.

  2. Why has it always got to be the media's fault, Anon? I mean, the media are bullcrap, sure, but I think that almost certainly it was the Celtics organization that dropped this little morsel out there, so that Rondo could be on the hotseat for all the losses, not the tank engineer, Danny Ainge. I see this as a passive aggressive move by Rondo, out of frustration over being shopped, and a very aggressive passive aggressive move by Danny, now actively looking to scapegoat Rondo, it seems. It's all speculation, of course, but someone apparently wanted this morsel of information put out there to start a feeding frenzy... over something that in itself is very very minor.