Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stevens says Celtics playing it safe with Rondo

Sure, the Celtics are 18-33, and just 4.5 games back of Charlotte for the 8th playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Reaching the playoffs is not the goal, but for fans who are anti tanking, then it would be nice to see the Celtics in the playoffs. When it comes to reaching the playoffs,the Celtics won't risk the captain of the team to reach the postseason. Brad Stevens let Celtics nation know that Rondo's health is the main goal right now, besides building a system.


“Rondo’s been very, very good about keeping us posted on how he’s feeling,” Stevens said. “I thought he was going at a different rate the other night. As well as he played against Orlando [on Sunday], a lot of it was measured, in the halfcourt. Against Philly, it was full court, pushing the pace. It was at a different level of ‘oomph’ than the game before. For whatever reason, he just didn’t feel great afterward.”

After playing eight games in a 20-day span, Rondo got the night off Friday. Rondo was coming off his best game, when he nearly had a triple-double in 32 minutes of work against the 76ers. Rondo's season is about learning what Stevens wants. It's also about Rondo finding his voice as the captain. Rondo must learn, and work with his teammates. Green is a project of his, and it looked good in Philly. It looks like Sunday is Rondo's return, and a chance to work with Green once again. Rondo seems to have a skill to make players better. Green and Rondo will be tested as the season moves along.

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  1. I know this is the right approach, but it kills me