Friday, February 28, 2014

Sullinger (concussion) could return Saturday against Pacers

Sullinger took an elbow to the head from Chris Kaman during last Friday's game against the Lakers. Jared Sullinger, has been sidelined because of that for the past three games due to a mild concussion.

Sullinger passed all of the league's concussion rules in the past couple of days, but the Celtics have taken extra care of Sully's head.

ESPN Boston

"Sully has to go through [Friday's] practice, then it’s how he feels after [Friday's] practice, and into [Saturday] morning," said Stevens. "Clearly he's doing a lot better -- cleared to practice full, and that’s the way that these things go now. Each step that you take, you see how your body reacts the next day. If everything goes well [Friday], then I would expect he will play [Saturday]."

Hopefully Sullinger is able to finish out the Celtics last 23 games. I would love to see him finish the season strong.

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