Thursday, February 27, 2014

Walking on the rope

I didn't have enough time to write that I was happy the trade deadline was over, that rumors started spreading everywhere once again.

In the last couple of days, we could find everywhere articles talking about the fact that Rondo skipped the Sacramento game in order to Celebrate his 28th birthday with family and friends in L.A.
I honestly avoid reading almost everything about it: I just saw some informations about it and I've been thinking about it ever since.

This caught me a little off guard, and especially at first I felt a little lost about this whole situation.
Lyrics of a song came to my mind:

I don't know who to trust no surprise
(Everyone feels so far away from me)
Happy thoughts sift through dust and the lies
(Trying not to break but I'm so tired of this deceit)

(Every time I try to make myself get back up on my feet
(All I ever think about is this)
(All the tiring time between)

(And how trying to put my trust in you just takes so much out of me)

There is more than one thing that I don't understand in this situation and that unfortunately will never be cleared. Some of those things may suggest that what the media say is the truth, but there are also other aspects that made me doubt whatever I read.

Why what I read is the truth

As a Rondo fan, I immediately wished that this has been all made up by some of those media haters that keeps attacking Rondo no matter what. While I was thinking about this in the last couple of days though, I realized there's a reason why Rondo could have done something like that: the trade deadline.
I still think that most of the rumors were completely made up; the Celtics just named Rondo their captain and I doubt they shopped him around right away, but the rumors were still there, and even though he usually denies it, Rondo tends to listen carefully to what happens around him and as emotional as he is, he tends to react in this kind of situations. And the reaction is not always good.

If Rondo thought that Ainge tried to deal him at trade deadline, he could have been pretty upset or hurt about it, and this may be the reason why he didn't travel with the team for the game in Sacramento. That's a pretty childish way to react honestly, but that's the only explenation I could give to this situation if what I read is really the truth.

Why what I read is just another lie

As I kept thinking about this though, I really couldn't convince myself that Rondo really skipped the game for a birthday party.

And the reason of my doubts is easy: we are talking about the same guy that during the summer showed up to a summer league game to encourage and look at the younger Celtics, and he did that while ha was working hard rehabbing his knee.
And when the season began, he didn't miss a single game, sitting on the bench looking intently at the game that was developing in front of him, refusing to miss a single fraction of every single play. The same guy that sat down with Stevens discussing plays and that served as a second coach in the first three months on the season, encouraging everyone and doing his best even with a suit and tie intead of a green and white uniform on.

So here I am, with all my doubts.
There's one thing that I'm sure about though: this situation has been handled pretty poorly from the Celtics I think. No one has been clear and they just kept putting dirt on the whole thing. Even if Rondo skipped the game to celebrate his birthday, I think that Ainge should have sat down with the player and the coach to sort everything out, all the while telling the media that the player did get the permission to not travel with the team. That's the sort of thing that you have to solve inside your locker room and that should never comes out of those doors.

And Ainge know this.

Just a couple of weeks ago he's been quoted saying this:

I think it’s a trust thing,” Ainge said. “I have talked to Rajon about it, and we’ve had a good talk about those types of things, the media. He understands what I was trying to say, and at the same time the media now is different. It’s like there’s just so many. So he’s sitting in front of the media and there’s 30, and there might be 28 good guys, but there’s one guy that’s looking to take something out of context and to ding him, and that’s all he sees.

“He’s a hard guy to get to trust you anyway. I mean, he’s a hard guy in that way. It’s taken a long time for him and I to get a really good relationship. I mean, we’ve always had a good relationship, but to get that real trust, it takes him a while. So with the media, there’s the trust element, and he also might not trust himself or what he might say, say it the right way. He’s been dinged before.

 I bet he doesn't trust he media!! Considering they literally bash him evey time they get the chance. And more than once they even attacked him for something that wasn't even real.

I think Rondo feels I little like I do right now.
Live under the eye of the camera must be pretty hard.
I mean, I know they earn lots of money to play basketball, but still, getting judged for whatever they say or do, for the way they dress, they walk, they look around themselves.. that's pretty hard.

Life is all about balance - maybe that' why acrobat and gymnast are so fascinating to watch.
They're like and artistic summery of what life really is.

And like an acrobat, Rondo is walking on a rope just above the water right now, with all the sharks swimming below him trying to bite his ankles.

But it doesn't looks like he will make himself an easy target.
To put it in his own words: "That's everyone else's opinion. Everyone has their own opinion, but I'm going to go out there every night and play as hard as I can".

And that's enough to me. That's everything I want to see.


  1. Morena, I don't think it's childish for Rondo to be sick of Danny shopping him. I think it's entirely reasonable.

    1. Yeah, it's reasonable to be sick, but taking it on the team is not the right way to sort things out.