Monday, February 10, 2014

What are Celtic fans thinking: About the Jeff Green trade rumor

When I scanned the other Celtics blogs, I really didn't see anyone saying anything about Paul Milsap. If your trading Jeff Green, wouldn't you want more back then a couple of young prospects, or just cap relief? When it comes to trades, or free agents, fans always have a disagreement. I suppose the reason the Hawks wouldn't trade Milsap, is for the simple fact that they plan on winning this year in a very weak East, or this is a move for next year when Horford returns.

Some reports came out earlier in the season that the Hawks were already looking into trading Milsap, after they just brought him in over the summer. Green, and Milsap could be a straight up trade, but I get the feeling that Atlanta doesn't want to part with Paul Milsap. So here's a rundown of what others said about the trade.

Celtics Blog from SB Nation

I'd keep Green no matter what.

Unlike 99% of people here, I still like him a lot and actually think he’s worth his money. He’s not a star like Paul Pierce, but he’s a very good defender, corner 3-point shooter and transition player. Plus he’s a 6’9" athletic freak. I’ll take that.

From powerlifter610:

I agree. Green is my favorite player on the Celts. Ainge can't just keeping trading for picks and expiring contracts. The team

needs some proven players, not potentially good players and more cap room. If Green doesn’t have to be the number one player, he’s a heck of a complimentary guy. He’s a prototypical SF.

These two fans are sticking behind Green, and they have every right to do that. They have valid points, and I agree in a way. How many more draft picks can Ainge trade for. Expiring deals are a different story. The Hawks really don't have one to offer.

From AlecinOz:
This has been my position on Green all season...

he is a $9 mill a complementary player, who does not have to be, will not be and is not paid to be a ‘go to guy’ in the NBA. He can help this team now and be part of its future as a benchplayer/sometimes starter along with a core roster consisting of Sully, Rondo, AB, KO and our ‘Big’ draft pick. Everyone else, in my opinion, is expendable (sure, some contracts we are stuck with, for now). This is not to say that I do not like Bass, CJ, and Pressey can be a good back up to Rondo. And Hump has grown on me (not to say that a hump has grown on me). I am not as knowledgable on NBA/Celtics matters as most on this blog, but from what I have seen of this team, I would like to see Green stick around as role player with my ‘core’ roster above.

Many of the fans are little GM's over there, and that's fine, but I honestly learned a long time ago, that thinking like a GM from a fans standpoint is tiring. I think we can play GM a bit when a trade has happened, or when a free agent is signed. But, I don't have time to sit down, and play with ESPN's trade machine until the early morning hours. Sorry Celtics nation, Thankfully many of you do, some good ideas come out of it, but sometimes wishful thinking can be a waste of time. So, more comments by the fans on the Green rumor.

From slamtheking:

the pick

will be in the teens since Brooklyn will make the playoffs this year. it’ll only be about 3-4 slots better than the Hawks pick.

not enough to rush into this deal.

I put a deal through in the forum thread about it
Green, Bass, Fav,
Horford, Carroll, the Nets/Hawks pick

I doubt they’d do it since they aren’t desperate and we do get the better player out of this deal

I don't see the Hawks dealing their cornerstone, and I don't see Ainge taking in an injured player, who's owed 12 million a year for the next three seasons. The fan is on the right track. Get the best value you can for Green. Is trading Green worth a few young players, who have upside? If I had the GM chair, I would have to pass on this trade, unless it was for Milsap.


  1. Dont give up green for a bench of Marshon Brooks.

  2. I don't really agree about how acceptable it is that these fans defend Green. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but one doesn't have to respect their opinion. There is one important factor Green defenders are ignoring; he requires the ball a lot. He is a player who needs to be featured. But he doesn't do enough, consistently enough, to be in that role. We've pointed this out about Rondo too. The worst thing about Bad Rondo is that Bad Rondo requires the ball and control over the team as much as Good Rondo, but does almost nothing with it. Good Rondo is a totally different story, but it looks like Good Rondo may be around a lot more consistently now. Still, I wouldn't trade Green for a bag of potato chips. I'd like to see if Green and Rondo can get into a lasting groove together. If we are determined to trade Green, maybe for Josh Smith? Let's say we had Sully, Olynyk and Smith as our front three. I think that could be a workable, though unorthodox group. It's a bit like Parish, Mchale and Bird in that their roles would overlap a lot.

  3. Paul, I agreed with you until u said Josh Smith. No way do i want to be tied down to thag mess of a contract and player. Green is a far better player in this system. Plus, smith has become a volume 3 point shooter.

  4. Id rather see them stick by him,then offer a lame trade for him. Danny can do better,then Atlanta.

  5. Greg, I see Smith as a player who has not found his niche in the league. I hear you about his crazy three shooting, though I suspect its not all his fault - that team was poorly designed without shooters. With Sully, Olynyk and Smith we'd have three guys, all of whom have parts of their games that relate to each of the three forward spots.