Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What are Celtic fans thinking: About the Rajon Rondo trade rumors

For years fans have been battling over Rondo. Fans have suggested that the Celtics should trade Rondo. They believe you can't rebuild around him. The other half, including myself, believe in Rondo as the future, and a player you can build around. With the recent rumors surrounding Rondo, what are the fans thinking?

Fans from Celtics Life chime in:

Rajon 33 says this about the possible Kings trade.

Won´t happen, awful trade.

Give Rondo a no trade clause and sign him (relatively) cheap... then go and build a team

I say, yes awful trade, and I hope we can resign Rondo on a cheap deal, so that we can build around him.

devonte's comments from Celtics Life:

Why not Rondo might opt out any way so trade`em for Thomas and McLemore. Trade Wallace and Humphries to NYK for A.Stoudemire. Trade Bass and Green to Golden State for Lee & Barnes. All these trades go down on Thursday at 2 pm.

A fan on the site replied to this guy or girls response.
I seriously can't stop laughing at your proposed trade with Golden State. On what planet do you think Golden State agrees to that? C'mon man, lets at least be semi-realistic here

Fans are really down for a Rondo trade? Celtics Life even had an article about three teams that Rondo could be traded to. Here are some comments from that article on that site.

DrCajunstyle says this:

Of them the best one has to be some sort of assets/picks combo from the horncats. Kemba would be an interesting player for the Cs, and would be a good enough PG to use going forward with the newly acquired talent from the draft. Would be great if we could jettison Wallace's contract at the same time as the horncats may be the only team in the league that would actually welcome him.

Do we really want to trade Rondo Celtics nation? Will we resort to this right now, trading Rondo is the only way? Come on, I thought we've learned from our mistakes. Rondo is someone that you can build around. Count me in as someone who can't wait for the deadline to be over. I would love for a trade, a trade that means Rondo is still around, and that the Celtics got better.


  1. I think Rajon 33 had it right. Sign Rondo to a no-trade, for a low price (if he's the player we think he is, he'd agree to that) and start building a team around him. But that won't happen until Danny is fired. Wyc said he would never trade Rondo. If that's true, he needs to fire Danny. Up till now, we did not know if Danny was a mad genius, or a coffee-addicted carnival barker. I think we know who Danny Ainge is now. He may have a touch of genius, but he has a tank-ful of gambling-addicted carn, and he loves putting together a rusty old whirly-ride and painting it bright colors...

  2. Greatest response ever werkshop! Will see what happens. I'm not digging these rumors, and it's sad that Danny is pulling this crap again.

  3. Lol - and you know, Greg, all the other blogs will claim that it's all just rumor, or that can't help it that the phone rings, or whatever.