Friday, February 14, 2014

What do you want to see from the Celtics after All-Star weekend?

This season hasn't gone the way that some fans though it may have for the Celtics. What do I mean by that? Well, the Celtics don't have the worst record in the league, and the Celtics are not in the playoff mix right now. That's how divided most fans are in Celtics nation. One side wants the Celtics to lose, and the other (normal fans) want the Celtics to win.

Do you guys remember the Celtics holding the Atlantic Division lead for 17 days at one point this season? I do, and that team was much different from the team that's before us now. The Celtics by all means are still mathematically in the playoff hunt. Boston is 4 and a half games back of the 8th seed, with a dreadful 19-35 record. But is making the playoffs the most important thing for you?

So what should we expect in the final months of the 2013-14 season? First we have to see what happens with the trade deadline, that's less than a week away. Depending what happens this coming Thursday. The deadline could reshape the team in ways that we couldn't imagine, or it will be nothing to talk about.

So now I get to the point. What will I want from the Celtics when they get back to work. I suppose first of all, it would be nice to have a healthy team. The Bradley, Rondo duo has been a big tease, and sometimes I fear that Ainge will become impatient with Avery's history of injuries.

I would just like to see something happening. I want to see the next stage of Rondo, and Bradley's relationship, and how it works on the court. Another thing that's important to me is how will Rondo become the score first player that the C's need. Rondo has never been that type of player, and I don't even know what's being asked of him right now. It seems like Brad Stevens wants more scoring from Rondo.

In the long run, Rondo needs to be a well rounded everything, so scoring some more should be a priority. I want to see his eagerness to win translated in his game. Rondo is one of the most competitive players, and that needs to show up in a way that were not to accustomed with.

The bottom line with the roster that's in Boston. Just work to get better, focus on what you can. Stevens will also hopefully use his time off wisely. This is something new for him, a long NBA season, with many road trips in the middle.

As for Ainge, I want him to react the right way. I don't want Ainge acting on an impulse. So guys what do you want from the Celtics the rest of the way? Do you care about the lottery, or a playoff spot, or are you like me. Do you just want to focus on this team looking better, even if they don't win every game along the way.


  1. If this team starts to purposefully tank, as in, essentially throwing games, I'll be very disappointed. Frankly, the Spurs game looked like a purposeful tank, though I think they all just had the flu and were looking forwards to the vacation. The most important thing, though, is for the Cs to keep working on improving individually and as a team, and for Rondo to keep working on his all around game and especially on consistent leadership. He can't hide behind someone else when he just isn't feeling it that much, as he seemed to want to do in the Spurs game. I'd like to see Olynyk find his game. I don't want to see any trades, really. There's talent on this team. We have loads of picks. Hump and Wallace are working themselves into roles. I want to see Sully taking on center after center - he is going to learn the hard way how to play them all.

  2. yeah,tanking is not an option for me. Tanking will be done by Ainge. At this point,theyve played so hard. This team tried to win so many close games. i look forward to see Olynyk and Sully further grow. And to see if the backcourt can stay healthy

  3. I want to see the Celtics in the playoffs. It will build confidence in this young team. I also want to see a triple double from rondo.

  4. I want Ainge to keep on trading. Goodbye Green, Goodbye Bass, get either 1st rd picks or young talent. Rondo stays. Sorry to say the worse this team does this year, the better it will be for the draft pick. Keep losing, but with dignity if that is possible....

    1. Makes sense, but the lottery is a gamble. But I get what your saying. When u say lose with dignity,does that mean the guys are not losing games on purpose? But theyre losing with fight? Also, I think Bass and Green being traded would make losing happen this year,but it would or could have the Celtics on the fast track of rebuilding.