Friday, February 21, 2014

What's next for Rajon Rondo, after the trade deadline

Another trade deadline has come and gone. The same results this year for Rajon Rondo. Get your name in a few big rumors, and when the deadline comes, nothing, just a bunch of crickets. Thankfully it was the same result for Rondo. If you thought this was the end of the Rondo rumors, think again. The question next year, is if Ainge believes Rondo will resign with the Celtics. So, the rumors will stick around. Many bloggers, writers, radio hosts, you name it, will give their explanations on why the Celtics should keep, or trade Rondo for months to come.

The next round of questions will be asked. Does Rondo want to stay with the Celtics? Did the rumors take a toll on him? Do the Celtics want to pay him max money? Sadly for Rondo, he's yet to shake off peoples beliefs. They believe he's handicapped by scoring, and by his attitude. So it's hard for fans to believe in him. The word loyalty comes to mind when it's Rondo's turn to resign. Rondo may have realized that Ainge isn't 100% loyal. Danny isn't 100% loyal, and if Rondo wants that, then he's already gone.

What's the most important thing for Rondo in the final months. His goal should be simple, just get better, become comfortable with the game again. Rebuilding confidence is key for Rondo. I don't think he's 100% confident, but you can see that it's coming. This season wasn't about getting a triple-double every game, but it was a test of wills for Rondo. Once the last buzzer sounds this season. You can expect the rumors to start up.

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  1. i think this is the end. Danny didnt get what he expected for Rondo. But once Rondo shows more the rest of the way. i expect a trade this summer.