Thursday, February 27, 2014

Will Brad Stevens continue to start Bayless?

Bayless had a career night Wednesday against the Hawks. Not only did Bayless help the Celtics snap their 5-game losing steak. But Bayless showcased his full bag of tricks, scoring a season-high 29 points in Boston's 115-104 win. With the recent injury to Olynyk, Brad Stevens had to figure out something different. He shifted the bigger Wallace to the bench, to add some front court depth. By doing that, Stevens inserted Bayless into the starting lineup.

The move paid off for Brad, as Bayless hit big shot, after big shot. Stevens was asked after the game if starting Bayless could be long term.

"It’s a good question. I haven’t thought about it since the game ended, but I think it’s a reasonable question to consider for Saturday. Depending on how we feel, what our roster looks like on Saturday, who’s available, all of those things. I think it’s certainly something to consider. That being said, I think, obviously against the Pacers, if you have bigger bodies you have to start a little bit bigger. But, not necessarily at the two; you have to do that pretty much everywhere. So I’ll think about that and we’ll consider that for sure."

Bayless to me isn't a starter, his performance reminded me of Eddie House's 31 point performance against Orlando in the 2nd round of the 2009 playoffs. That's the type of player that Bayless is, he's streaky, and the ultimate spark off the bench. I do think Stevens should stick with Bayless in the starting lineup, to see how it works out, and to see if guys like Johnson, Wallace, and Olynyk can carry the bench.

"I understand what Brad is looking for and Brad really is really defensively minded. The shots are going to come and go some days or not - depends on the day. Tonight they were going well. When we play together defensively and we're helping each other, we're out there and everybody is covering up after each other we're a good team and we have to do that more constantly and we'll be okay."



  1. I think Bayless will move back to the bench. Especially when AB comes back

  2. I like him coming off the bench