Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A list of 2014 Free Agents that the Celtics should avoid

The 2014 NBA free agent class could be great, or it could turnout to be a bag of dirty laundry that you want to put off. The 2014 free agent class could have Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Wade. That's if these 2003 draft mates use their "Early Termination Option", and become free agents. I'll be bold and say that Lebron James flirts with the idea of leaving if the Heat fall to Indiana, or if their beat in the Finals. Other than those four possible players, who are likely staying where there at. Who could the Celtics target, or should I say. Who shouldn't the Celtics covet this coming summer.

1) Luol Deng: He spent 8 and a half seasons with the Chicago Bulls. He was their heart and soul for a lot of seasons. He was a key part of the Bulls success before the Rose era, and he was key when Rose took over. Deng is 28, and in the prime of his career. So why shouldn't the Celtics attempt to sign him? Well, the Celtics already have a small forward who can give you 16 points a night, and Jeff Green fits the system so far. The only downside between the two players? Deng is an All-NBA defensive talent, and a guy who has a bag full of intangibles.

At this point in time in Deng's career. He won't get any better. The Celtics don't want to spend money just because they have money, and trade options. Danny Ainge seems to have a plan, and I don't see a Deng signing in his future. Deng is the type of player that could get a team like the Clippers or Houston over the hump. I don't see him blooming into a superstar at the age of 28.

2) Pau Gasol: I think Gasol coming to Boston is not happening, but I thought I would give my thoughts on the matter. Gasol is 33, and has been on the decline since the 2010-11 season. Gasol is another player that could get a team over the hump, if he's willing to take less. Gasol is not the right player for a team looking to build quick and young. I love Gasol's offensive game, and I think Rondo would make him unstoppable. But, it's a gamble, and it's not the direction the Celtics need to take.

3) Zach Randolph: Randolph is nearing the end of the good old days. He's 32, and he's playing some of his last years at a high level. Randolph at times looks like one of the best big men in the game, and honestly, Sullinger has some similar skills like Randolph. If Randolph was 28, then I would give it some thought. The Celtics need to stay within a certain age range. I think 28-30 is a decent number, depending on the years and money on the deal. Randolph is basically a 18 and 10 guy. Which Sullinger could be there soon. Randolph wouldn't fit with the current Celtics roster, or at least long term.

4) Gordon Hayward: The amount of money that's rumored to even sign Hayward is unappealing, and I would pass on a deal that would net him 9-10 million a season. As much as Jeff Green can annoy most of us. I would rather stick with Green, Hayward to me is a solid role player. I don't see him becoming an All-Star, like so many Boston fans think. I would say Hayward is worth Kyle Korver money, around 5-6 million a season.

I just think the Celtics have a guy in Olynyk who is 7' 0" tall, and a player they should focus on. Instead of bringing in Gordon. Plus Jeff Green is still with the Celtics, right? Green isn't consistent, but I think Green is a better building block.

5) Rudy Gay: I don't see Gay leaving over 19 million dollars on the table. Gay has a player option this coming summer. Which grants the player the power to decide whether to stay for another year or become a completely unrestricted free agent. Gay wouldn't leave that money behind to play for a contender, at least not right now in his career. If for whatever reason something happens, I would still say no to Rudy Gay. He's built a reputation of killing team chemistry, plus I don't see him as the franchise go-to guy with Rondo. Maybe, just maybe Rondo could change him?

I think the Celtics best options are? Looking for a trade that brings in a big name that fits the future. I don't think Ainge is the type of GM that signs free agents for the fun of it, just because they have cap space. He isn't Joe Dumars. I think Danny has a chance at a summer like 2007, and I think that's the best way to get the Celtics back on the map. The Celtics don't need to overpay for top tier free agents in a certain free agency class, just because they have cap space.

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