Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ainge brings up Rondo's abscence from Sacramento trip, Danny told him to go with team

I thought this story was put to rest, but with a few words by Danny Ainge regarding the story that was supposed to be in the past. It is now a story once again.

ESPN Boston

He let Brad know and he let me know that he was going to stay in L.A. an extra day,” Ainge said in his weekly interview on 98.5 The Sports Hub. “We didn’t think that he should, but [told him] ‘It’s your choice and there may be consequences if you stay.’ It’s that simple.”

It does not appear there were any consequences, at least none that were revealed publicly.

“In the end, him and I had a long talk about it. This was all happening over the phone,” Ainge said. “He had planned it before and he had reason believe that it would be OK. I understand his reason to believe based on where he’s been and what he’s grown up with and what he’s seen and witnessed. You won’t see it happen again and we’ve just moved on from it.”

This is bull by Ainge. I mean come on, why even go there? This was in the past as Stevens said, and as Ainge said last week. But here we are once again talking about this story. This topic should be dead. That's just the bottom line. If Ainge is still upset by this, he should have taken action.

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