Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ainge continues to throw Rondo under the bus in the media, what's next for the Celtics and Rondo?

What's there to gain from all of this? Spreading discourse all over the media, causing pain without remorse isn't becoming of you Ainge. What's your angle? What's this get you and the Celtics? You will lose in the end this time. Because you choose rules to break. Rondo is a favorite topic of conversation for Ainge these days. Perhaps his angle with all of this is simple. Maybe he's trying to defer the Celtics losing into another direction.

I find myself questioning Danny's actions more these days then I've ever had. I'm determined to find a reason behind all of this, but I will never get that pleasure. We are who we are, and Ainge is who he is. Has he ever changed into a General Manager with compassion? Has he become loyal over night? That's what makes Danny interesting for so many people. What Ainge is doing with this is simple. He's throwing Rondo under the bus so the calls keep coming in.

“In the end, him and I had a long talk about it. This was all happening over the phone,” Ainge said. “He had planned it before and he had reason to believe that it would be OK. I understand his reason to believe based on where he’s been and what he’s grown up with and what he’s seen and witnessed. You won’t see it happen again, and we’ve just moved on from it.”

Okay, Rondo was given a warning, and it sounds like the anything goes era is over. I love Stevens, and I think he's the right coach for the job, but Ainge is able to have a lot of control over Stevens. With Doc it wasn't so easy once Rivers raised a banner. After the Celtics won in 2008, Doc was allowed to fly and travel more then ever, and the Big 3 did what they wanted as well. Now, the fun is over, and Rondo fail victim to the past regime.

ESPN Boston

In Rondo’s eyes, he was still playing by the rules of the previous regime. “We’ve had a culture here that’s been a little bit different," Ainge said.

He added, "These kind of things have happened. We had a head coach [Doc Rivers] that lived in a different city and would take different planes to different cities. We’ve had [Kevin Garnett], who I think Rondo has probably learned more from as a leader and a basketball player and a pro than any other players because he was so young in his career playing with KG. KG didn’t sit on the bench when he didn’t play, and Rondo’s been doing that every game except that Sacramento game and the Milwaukee game, which we held him back [in Boston] because we wanted to do therapy there.”

The tables will turn for Ainge, Rondo will become a free agent after the 2015 season concludes, and as July 1st hits in the year 2015. It's been talked about before, but if Ainge truly wants Rondo locked up for the future. I think the rarely used no trade clause is the deal maker for Rondo to remain in Boston.

Are the two sides beyond the point of no return. Have I made too much of this? I don't know what to think with Ainge beating a dead horse with Birthdaygate. All I know is that Ainge could have buried this story once again. But he didn't take the high road on this one, and Ainge will always be an open book on stories that he wants out in the media. Stop being coward a Ainge.
Say it to me straight, and forward, just get to the real point of emphasis.


  1. I see it this way too. Danny is throwing Rondo under the bus. Why does he keep the issue alifve? Why does he keep feeding fuel into the fire while pretending not to do so?

  2. I think 90% of fans see it this way or at least they should. Ainge is done with Rondo, believe it or not. One way or the other Rondo will be out of Boston.

  3. I think so too, unless he just plays so well that he make it impossible for Ainge to trade him. A game like last night plays right into Danny's hands, plans.