Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Celtics loss, and Rondo takes blame again

The Boston Celtics dropped another close game (121-120 to New Orleans in OT), and the captain was nowhere to be found when the game was in the balance. Rondo's great talent is also his worst enemy. Rajon's ability as a play maker is unlike any other point guard in the game, and you can't take that away from Rondo. Rondo's shown the ability to lead in the past with a balance of scoring and passing. As of late, Rondo's been just a point guard who can pass the ball. His offense has been troublesome as of late, and the shot that was found, appears to be lost.

Rondo's shot chart tells the story for his 3-of-14 shooting performance against New Orleans.

Take the ball inside Rondo, the shot will come, but he needs to attack the rim. Maybe he's still timid because he doesn't want to hurt himself, but if Rondo wants to become the best. He must get over his fear. Rondo hasn't shifted the blame after the past couple of losses by the Celtics. Rondo has taken the blame, and following the loss in New Orleans. Rondo took full blame for the Celtics missed opportunities.

“We keep coming up short,” Rondo told reporters following Sunday’s loss which extended their road losing streak against Western Conference teams to 19. “I have to do a better job of finishing plays. I pretty much blame this on myself again.”

“My floaters aren’t there,” Rondo said. “My touches around the rim aren’t there. But I’ll keep shooting them. I’ll continue to be aggressive.”

I like the fact that Rondo seems to understand that he does need to take the ball inside. He is taking it inside, but only to set up Green, Sully, and everyone else who's set to take a three, or deep jumper. Rondo's 4th quarter wasn't perfect, but he did have 6 of his 14 assists in the final quarter. Rondo only attempted two field goals, and that's a number that I can't live with. Jeff Green did steal the 4th quarter spotlight from Rondo with 12 points in the 4th. Rondo went scoreless in OT, with two shot attempts. While Green led the Celtics with 5 of Boston's 8 overtime points. Green had the big 39 point game, and that's great.

But the Celtics need both of their best players clicking to win. Rondo is shooting 30% in his past 5 games, and averaging 10.6 points with 10.8 assists. Rondo has shown in the past that the first quarter is crucial for his success. He should have a scoring mindset, because it sets up everything else for the team. Rondo becoming a scorer on a consistent basis is hard to ask. But with this roster, and the era we live in. Rondo must become what the Celtics need. Until he has another All-Star, the blame will be on Rondo to win games like Sunday's Pelicans game.


  1. Rondo needs to get his head out of his ass.

  2. It's so painful to watch. But the shot will come. It's like a batting slump. We need Rondo averaging 15/gm. He'll get there.