Monday, March 31, 2014

Avery Bradley doesn't plan on watching the playoffs, only the Nets and Thunder

I don't know if I like Bradley's answer or response about the upcoming playoffs. I know it's not a big deal. But Bradley is a professional basketball player. Isn't he doing himself a disservice by not watching the playoffs. I think you want to study the game still. Plus, aren't you a fan of the game Bradley?

I would understand his comments more, if the Celtics had just lost in the Eastern Conference Finals, or even in the second round as. In all honesty, I think Avery Bradley is just playing the wounded puppy card. The Celtics are out, so he's trying to play it off like Mr.Cool or something. I get the fact that he'll still watch his old teammates in OKC and Brooklyn. But I expect AB to have the TV on like most of us watching the best basketball played in the world.

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2. Bradley doesn't plan to watch the playoffs...

... unless former teammate Kendrick Perkins is on TV. Bradley will watch then. And he'll watch the Brooklyn Nets, who feature both Pierce and Garnett.

But any game that doesn't feature his friends?

"I can't watch it," Bradley said. "I know even in the past, we've been in the playoffs every year since I've been in the NBA, but after we lose I'm pretty sure nobody on our team watches the playoffs. Maybe OKC because Kendrick (Perkins) plays for them, but besides that, I'm sure nobody watches anybody."

I've always assumed that Rondo will miss the postseason more than anyone else. The playoffs always served as his showcase, his time to conjure triple-doubles, his stage to act surly and dominant and flawed and brilliant all at once.

My assumption seems to be correct.

"It's disappointing that we're not making it ‘cause playoffs is -- me and Rondo always joke and say we wish we just played a few games and then it was playoffs," Bradley said. "Because playoffs is the best feeling in the world, the best atmosphere, it's just amazing."

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  1. I like his attitude - but you know he will watch!