Monday, March 31, 2014

Avery Bradley hurts (Achilles) , will Bradley always have injury issues?

Avery Bradley will want to make some money this summer once he becomes a free agent. Avery Bradley recently missed 19 games due to a right ankle injury. He also spent some time out of the lineup because of the left ankle as well. Bradley has had his best offensive season, averaging 14.4 points a game, along with a brand new consistent jumper.

AB has played in 54 of Boston's 74 games this season. Avery missed the first part of the season during the 2012-13 season because of two shoulder surgeries. He played in 50 of Boston's 81 games last season. Avery will be up for a new deal, and I don't know how much the Celtics should pay for a player seems fragile so far after 4 seasons in the NBA.

"I took him out and he was limping," Celtics head coach Brad Stevens told reporters. "He looked like he landed funny or did something. It didn't sound like a long term thing from what they told me at halftime. It sounded like his Achilles was very sore. He couldn't get it loose."

Said Bradley: "It's just tendinitis in the Achilles. It just comes from not playing for a long period and coming back full speed. It's been bothering me, but I've been playing through it, just getting treatment. But tonight it got the best of me."

I'm pretty sure at this point that AB should take it easy. The Celtics have 8 games remaining, and with their playoff hopes dashed after the loss Monday night to the Bulls. (If they actually believed they had a shot). AB should sit out for a couple of games. I'm worried about his upcoming free agency. Because I don't know if Bradley will be able to play more than 60 games in one season.

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  1. He plays all out. Injury tends to go with that.