Monday, March 10, 2014

Bob Ryan "Rondo won't take you to the promise land"

The title of the article at CSNNE is (Ryan: Rondo not a 'selfish assist guy'). They say that Bob Ryan may have warmed up to Rondo, but I still see him as someone that doesn't believe in Rondo. Bob Ryan is a bit off, and for me he doesn't have any redeeming qualities left.


Bob Ryan has spent time on both sides of the fence, but the new Rondo - the one who looks to be a better shooter - may have Ryan being on the pro-Rondo side of things.

Last year, though, he was hanging out with the anti-Rondo crowd. He spoke with Gary Tanguay and Kirk Minihane about that on CSNNE's Early Edition.

"I trashed him. And if I'm wrong, great," Ryan said. "A year ago at this time when they were winning without him, and saying he was a selfish assist guy, he lived for assists, and that doesn't mean you're helping the team if you're passing up shots and you can't shoot. I said maybe he's going to sit around and take notes and come back as a better player. And by the way he has worked on his shot. I don't know if he sat around and took the notes, but he's a better player."

Bob Ryan uses Rondo's assist streak as if that was Rondo for his entire career. Rondo may have been a bit caught up in that streak. But why hold that against him? Bob Ryan simply erases Rondo leading the Celtics to a game seven in the NBA Finals in 2010. He also has no memory of Rondo leading the Celtics within one win from the 2012 NBA Finals.

Will Rondo take the Celtics to the promise land? Not with this team, but with some growth out of Sullinger, Olynyk, and with Ainge trading, signing, or drafting players to fit with Rondo. Then Rondo will have a chance to lead Boston back to the Finals. Rondo is a player that can lead you to the promise land. He's done it before, but he was just on the losing side. Without Rondo in 2010, Boston doesn't get past Cleveland. Of course the Big 3 were still playing at high levels. But they were past their primes. Yes all three were All-Star's, but Rondo was the glue that held everything together.

Rondo won't win everyone over, people will always doubt him. The only thing that will get them on board will be another banner.


  1. Honestly, who cares what Bob Ryan thinks? I have no use for anyone on CSNNE except for Tommy.

  2. This guy said he retired like 5 years ago. This guy just loves to hate stars. He's grumpy and annoying.

  3. There's no forgiving Ryan. He tried to destroy Rondo's career and almost did.

  4. Dude is high off his medication. Why is this guy even on TV? His hate for Rondo has kept him around.