Monday, March 31, 2014

Brad Stevens doesn't find solace in recent close game losses

I don't know where some of you are. Are your thoughts on this season near an empty bottle. Are you passed out on your couch? I wish I could change that for you, but I can't take the bottle out of your hand. The Celtics will move on, they'll get back to where they need to be in the NBA.

Too late, the bottle is empty and the liquid is gone? No, please, just get up and look at the some of the good things that have happened this season. The Celtics did just lose their 50th game this year, but they did it in fashion again. Playing hard, and staying close. Brad Stevens was quick to reply when he was asked if he takes solace in the fact that the game was close. "Nope. Zero.", said Brad Stevens after the Celtics lost 107-102 to Chicago.

Stevens wants to win these games. He doesn't care if you want him to tank every single game from here on out. He gets it, the Celtics are going to miss the playoffs. But, he doesn't care about that. He wants to win these games, and he's lost sleep because of it as we all know.

"I thought today was different because we had our chances, but you have to execute through physicality and we didn’t do that at the end. We were okay some parts of the game, but we didn’t do that at the end, and so we’ve got to be – I just talked about it in the locker room – we can sugar-coat it, we can talk about – we can say, ‘It’s nice to be close,” and we have all year – and at the end of the day, it is what it is from a record standpoint. And a lot of people in this position won’t react well to that, and that’s not okay; you react the right way to it and that means that we compete as hard as we can, which I thought we did. It wasn’t anything physical tonight. And then we play the game with great detail and with great team-ness, and the detail was lacking. And, hey, they expose you. I mean, that’s what they do. They take you away, they’re all up into you, they’re good at that. They’re a tough, physical, hard-nosed defensive team that we scored 100-some-odd points against; that’s got to be enough. And it wasn’t."

The Celtics were 12-14 at one point, and if you count the amount of close games that the Celtics lost this season. Than perhaps this team would be battling for seeding in the playoffs. Right now the Celtics are battling for lottery chances in so many fans eyes. But those fans get off on the Celtics misfortunes. The Celtics continue to lose games, the Celtics chances continue to increase at landing a top pick. The Celtics currently have the 5th worst record at 23-50 with a winning percentage of .316%, and who knows where the Celtics will end up in the draft with the 5th worst mark in the NBA this season.

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