Thursday, March 27, 2014

Brad Stevens on the Celtics: "Our character on this roster is really good"

Nobody's questioned this teams heart, pride, passion, and desire to play the game of basketball at the highest level possible. The combination of Stevens' coaching style, and along with the cast and characters on this team, it's been a match made in heaven. The record is a hard measuring stick, and frankly I don't even know what it is right now. Well, that's a lie, of course I know their record. It's just kinda how I feel about it.

ESPN Boston

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens said that despite the struggles his team has endured this season, the commitment of the players on his roster hasn't wavered and he stressed that's played a big part in helping his team remain competitive while navigating this transition season.

"It doesn't surprise me because of the people we have on the roster," Stevens said Thursday while appearing on ESPN Radio's SVP & Russillo. "Our character on this roster is really good. Then when you look at guys that don't play as much, when they come into the game, how they support each other on the bench, I'd put our guys up against anybody. They are in it together. We've got a guy Gerald Wallace, who is now out for the season and he's around our guys every chance he gets. He's at the games -- he doesn't travel because we need him to stay here to do his rehab after ankle and knee surgery a couple weeks ago -- but we've got a nice dynamic there. We just have to get better, there's no two ways around it -- 23-48 is not good enough. It's not good enough for anybody here. And it's not on any one person, it's on each and every one of us. But the commitment to doing so and the commitment to playing together, I have not questioned."

The Celtics have the task of playing spoiler for either the Raptors or Bulls. A loss for Toronto Friday night will aid the Bulls. Actually, the Celtics can play spoiler by losing to the Bulls in their back-to-back series against Chicago this coming Sunday and Monday. If Chicago beats the Celtics twice. They'll have a chance to put some breathing room between the Raptors.

The good news for everyone, is that Stevens is a legit coach. We all know he has this team fighting in every game, and they'll fight until the final buzzer sounds in the 2013-14 season. Winning an NBA championship begins with character guys at every level. Your character guys can be stars and role players. The Celtics have both right now, and that should make things a little easier for Ainge.

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