Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brad Stevens talks about sleepless nights at practice, following losses to Toronto

In the past 6 years as a fan I've went to bed thinking about the state of the Celtics. This year I haven't honestly. Maybe it's because this team has zero expectations, and I don't worry about it when the stakes are low. Stevens on the other hand is still coaching with a purpose. I love the fact that he cares this much in a year where things are rough.

"These games, and [Friday] night’s game in particular, I woke up multiple times, let’s put it that way," said Stevens. "It's hard to go back to sleep, because you think about everything that you could have controlled and controlled better. Credit [the Raptors] for their two [late-game] offensive possessions, because they made big plays. And then I thought [Rajon] Rondo made a nice driving play and I thought he might be able to turn the corner on the next one, but they got the foul quickly and we didn’t get a good enough shot at the end.

"Those are the plays that don’t sit well with me. It’s about me. I could have been better in that situation."

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