Friday, March 21, 2014

Bradley working hard for the money, big summer ahead

Avery Bradley had the second quarter of a lifetime with 18 points on 8-for-8 shooting and 23 first half points to help the Celtics remain in the game. Bradley tied his career high with 28 points, and you can see he's out there working for his next contract. I just hope he doesn't shutdown when he gets the money from the Celtics or from whoever pays him. Bradley gave us all a scare when he came down on his ankle after his first three points were nailed beyond the arc.

Bradley followed up his solid 23 point performance against Miami, with another night to build on. Bradley seems like the most confident guy on the Celtics roster right now, that's only when Rondo isn't fully healthy. But with Green wishy-washy, Bradley has shown that he can be the one consistent scorer on the Celtics. Bradley's mindset was simple in the second quarter after having the scare in the first quarter.

"Just go out there and play hard and try to win the game. That was my main focus."

Bradley gives kudos to Rondo for the open shots, and Rondo did rack up 12 assists in the game. But only 2 assists were Rondo's in the quarter. Rondo doesn't get enough credit for setting up the plays. Their isn't a stat for what Rondo does with setting the offense to allow others to get assists. AB wasn't surprised with the open looks, and when you have a talented PG, the shots will come with ease.

"No, not really – I wasn’t surprised. The opportunities were there, and I was able to knock down shots. My teammates were giving me the ball. (Rajon) Rondo was putting me in good positions to be able to make plays, and like I said, I was able to make shots."

If Bradley is able to play like this often, and if he can remain healthy. Then Bradley is deserving of 8 million a year. Danny Ainge could either sign Avery of course, or he could package him in a bigger deal as the focal point. Who really knows. AB's value is high either way. Bradley has an opportunity to earn big money if he can maintain this level for the remainder or the year.

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  1. Bradley and Rondo could be a legendary back court. But I really don't think we can do with Rondo scoring so little.