Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bynum's return against the Celtics, gives hope to Pacers fans

When I think of Bynum, it's never a pleasant thought. Bynum was a Laker, and that will never change. Too bad he wasn't injured in the 2010 Finals. That's wrong of me, but hey, why can't I be a little ruthless? Bynum has been a ball of injuries, and the 76ers last year took a big chance, and they were burned, but that's on them for trading for an injured center who lost motivation.

To speed up the story, Bynum flopped in Cleveland, and now he can be the missing player to get the Pacers past Miami. Something that every Boston fan wants. Bynum was solid in 16 minutes, he had 8 points and 10 rebounds. If they get that from him. Then their golden.

How his knees feel:
"I had a month off so my knees feel good again. The training staff here has been great working with me every single day."

Re: His performance:
"It’s a different location, a different time in my life. I’m looking forward to just going out and playing. Obviously the atmosphere is a lot better from the standpoint that we are winning."

Re: His early minutes:
" I felt great. I couldn’t do anything wrong today. All the rebounds came my way, I just grabbed them. I’m looking forward to the next game."

Re: His comfort level on offense:
"I’ve been around a while. Now I’ve been with two or three teams, so picking up the offenses isn’t really an issue."

Re: If he'll play in back-to-backs:
"I’m going to try. If Ian (Mahinmi) is still hurt, they’re going to need me. So we’ll figure it out."

I hope Bynum can play well, and I thought I would never root for that. For the first time that I recall, I didn't care if the Celtics won against the Pacers. I want them to beat Miami, and with the Pacers barley holding on to the best record. I wanted the Pacers to win.

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