Monday, March 17, 2014

Celtics finish up road trip with pride intact, but losing streak continues

The Celtics came up short on ST. Patrick's Day. The pride of the Celtics was showcased on their brief road trip to the south. The Celtics fought hard against the Pelicans in an overtime loss Sunday, and the Celtics nearly beat Dallas Monday night. Two games within grasp for Boston, but the growing pains of rebuilding came up in both games. I suppose both teams were more talented than the Boston Celtics. But it doesn't take the sting away from two possible wins.
"Other than the obvious, I think we played well in certain games and haven’t played well in others. But to come in here and have a chance, when we were a little bit short handed from a roster standpoint, and then doing that on the tail end of an overtime game where we had a chance, I feel like a broken record talking about silver linings, but that would be the one silver lining."

The season is one big silver lining, and I think this club would have been in the playoffs if Rondo played from day one, and if he was 100%. The Celtics flirted with the playoffs, after they were 12-14 earlier in the season, and they held the top spot in the Atlantic for nearly 3 weeks. Stevens spoke about managing expectations for the Celtics, and I think most fans expected a tank job, which hasn't been the case with Brad Stevens.

"When you’re in coaching you look at expectations but you think in terms of perfection with what people are capable of, knowing that it’s not attainable. Every open shot looks good or feels good, or, if you work right to get it, that’s all you can do. And then defensively, if you make one mistake, that’s one mistake that you could have corrected, right? So, that’s the one part in coaching, the expectations will never equal what the coach is looking for. I am frustrated by our lack of success but I am not frustrated by our effort. Our effort was pretty high level again. They are really giving it everything they have. The Mavericks size and length caught up with us on a number of occasions, offensively and defensively, and was probably the overall difference in the game, but our guys battled, came up with a bunch of loose balls and did a good job."

Well said by Stevens. I think it's how most of us feel. Were frustrated with the losses, but the effort has been there almost every night. The Celtics have lost 5 in a row, and they finished 0-15 on the road against the Western Conference this season. That's the first time in team history that's happened, and the Celtics tried swinging to prevent that from happening on the two game road trip against the west. Boston has two rough games this week. Miami will be in Boston for their only visit this year, and the C's will head to Brooklyn Friday. Both teams have seeding their playing for, so the Celtics will be in for a fight.

The Celtics have provided us with an entertaining season despite the losing season. They've fought, and have shown a level of Celtics pride that would make past Celtics proud. Boston has a month to go before they can regroup over the summer. The Celtics are predicted to be a major player this summer, and I think the Celtics will be in the hunt next season for a playoff spot.

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