Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Is Ainge under a lot of pressure to win another championship?

Before the big trade that brought in Garnett and Allen. Danny Ainge was on the verge of being a bust for the Celtics. Was his job on the line? It didn't seem that way, but during his first four years, Ainge made some odd ball trades and signings. Ainge's willingness to gamble paid off in 2007, and it led to 6 great years in Celtics history, after years of pain and frustration, as you guys know.

CSNNE brought the question up with all the GM's in Boston, asking who has the most pressure to win. The Patriots haven't won a Super bowl since 2005, and they've squandered two more chances after that. Many believe the Pats have the pressure to win, the Red Sox just won, and the Celtics are the only team in Boston that's losing. So, I would have to say the Celtics.

When you're the GM of a professional sports team, there's always a lot of pressure.

When that sports team is in Boston, well, that pressure is multiplied by about 100.

But as of now, which one has the most pressure? You could make a case for the Celtics, Bruins, or Patriots right now (We'll give Ben Cherington a break…).

Dan Shaughnessy thinks it's Danny Ainge under the most pressure right now as the C's are gearing up for a bnig offseason.

Ainge has built a nice little legacy in Boston, but if he wants to reach a different level. Then another championship is a must. Ainge is going up Red's legacy, and it's a legacy that he can't compete against. So he should be concerning himself with beating other GM's like Pat Riley. Does Ainge feel the heat of the city? I don't know, he seems to do what he wants when he wants. It's the Danny Ainge way.


  1. I thihnk it's starting to look like Danny is someone who churns the waters just to churn the waters. We need to see some smart moves this summer.

  2. Danny won't last if the C's play this way in two years time.