Sunday, March 9, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Jared Sullinger struggling after returning from concussion

Jared Sullinger is shooting a woeful .259% (7-of-27) from the field since returning to action after suffering a concussion against the Lakers. Sully is averaging 8.3 points per game since returning, and 7.3 rebounds since hitting the floor. Sullinger had his best statistical month in February with averages of 15 points, and 11 rebounds during the month of January. During the end of February Sully's numbers did decline.

Expectations for Sullinger are high among fans, and probably the Celtics franchise. Kevin Love was a player that people put out there with Sullinger. I like Sullinger as a player, and I won't jump the gun on his recent struggles. But I think Sullinger has lacked some focus on what he should be doing on the offensive end. He's taking a few more three's then I normally like, and he's not playing in the post enough. Sully needs to work on his inside/out game. Sully will always be a good rebounding forward/center. His offensive game must grow into something more then jacking 3's.

Sully's Season Totals


  1. I don't think Sully will ever become an All-Star, but I also think he'll be a big player on a contending team. He needs to become an anchor on defense. He's going to always give you around 10-14 borads a night. Need more from him next year. Just need a healthy year.

  2. I think he need Cwesn coaching hm, teeaching him some hardball

  3. Your right wekshop, he needs a big man mentor, like Perk had with Clifford Ray, Cowens would be amazing.