Monday, March 10, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Josh Smith and Rondo talked about playing together

For years Celtic fans dreamed about Josh Smith playing in Boston. Never say never, but one things for sure. Rondo and Smith talked about teaming up, but where would they play? Boston? Well, that dreamed may have died once Josh Smith signed with the Pistons over the summer. We know that Rondo and Smith are best friends, they still hangout, and they see a lot of one another in during the summer.

Mass Live

“The conversation comes up,” said Smith, who had 28 points and 11 rebounds against the Celtics. “We always tell each other how surreal a moment that would be to reconnect again in that realm. But with the different free agencies that we both have, it could be far-fetched. But it could be possible, too.”

The Pistons forward said he’s “always optimistic,” noting that “I always think in a different scenario, it could happen. But who knows?”

Personally for me, I'm not so hot on Josh Smith. But, he did show Sunday some of his best work. Smith scored 28 points, and grabbed 11 rebounds. He's very inconsistent for the money that he brings in, and I think Jeff Green is a better fit at this point. Smith did intrigue me at one time. But he hasn't matured on some levels. Still taking too many three-point shots, and like I said, he's inconsistent from game to game.

Smith even said that before signing with the Pistons this past offseason (for four years and $54 million), he thought pairing with Rondo might not be out of the picture.

“I thought it could have been a possibility,” Smith said. “But I’m in Detroit. I’m happy I’m here. He’s still here (in Boston), still creating his mark as a Celtic.”

That price tag is just too high for me to accept. A few rumors broke that the Pistons already wanted to deal Smith, and yes the Celtics were one of the teams rumored that wanted Smith's services. I don't think will see Smith in Boston anytime soon, but at least fans came still dream.

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  1. I could see it, but right now Rondo seems to be finally connecting with the people who are here.

  2. That dream is over, and at this point it should never happen. Smith had his chance, I'm sure Ainge would have worked on a deal this summer to land him. But Smith chose the Pistons.