Thursday, March 6, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Olynyk continues to improve during his rookie campaign

Before Kelly missed his last two games before returning against the Warriors Wednesdaynight. Olynyk put up 21 points against Utah. The one bright spot from the Celtics being blow out, would have to be Kelly's 19 point performance. Olynyk's confidence has increased each week, and it's starting to show on the court. Olynyk has become more aggressive, and less passive when he's given a chance to score on a frequent basis. He's starting to shed his rookie skin.

This far in, you can see where shots are coming,” Olynyk said Wednesday night. “You know when guys are stunting and when they’re full-rotating and that kind of stuff; who’s going to take you, who’s bluffing. So you can kid of find the seams, pick your spots. It’s a lot easier now.”

It looks a lot easier now. Olynyk looks like a completely different player, one who’s on the right track to close out his first professional campaign with a bang.

“I think he’s on the right progression. He’s on the right path,” Stevens said of Olynyk’s growth this season. “I think he’s rebounding a little bit better, as we talked about before the game. He’s shooting the 3 a little bit more freely now than he was at the start of our season.”

With 21 games on tap for the Celtics. Everyone will get a chance to shine, or they'll take a shot at the defense. Oynyk has a lot of future, I wish him the very best.

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  1. yOU CAN SEE That Olynyk was really trying to work with Rondo