Monday, March 24, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Stevens still driving the Celtics to get better, despite dismal season

To become the best, to achieve what you want to achieve. You must have something different about you, something that not all people have. A certain drive that sells others in your mission. People hold the keys to their dreams. It's ultimately up to the person to reach their dreams, and depending on how badly they want those dream to come true. They will drive themselves until the mission is done.

Brad Stevens vision is clear, his path is in gear. The losing hasn't gotten to Stevens, or at least he's been calm, and professional about it in the media, and with his staff and players. Chris Mannix spoke about Stevens, and he gives the rookie coach credit for staying the course, and keeping his team driven to win.


"I think you have to give Brad Stevens the lion’s share of the credit because he has this team playing hard, playing with energy, and playing with a purpose deep into March," says's Chris Mannix. "This is not an easy thing to do when you’re losing game after game and your general manager and your front office are trading away assets left and right to put yourself in a better draft position. It can be demoralizing for a locker room."

"Brad Stevens to me, in his first year, has already proven he’s a solid game manager, has already proven he’s a great communicator," says Mannix. "But being able to keep these guys focused and playing with energy, that might be his greatest accomplishment right now."

As the season has moved on, more emotions have come out of Stevens. Not in a Bobby Knight kind of way. But in away that shows Stevens does deeply care about winning, and about the growth of this team. It's not shocking that he does care, or that he's finally showing more emotion. I don't think anything is shocking about Stevens. Not in a bad way either. He's the right guy for the job, and he knows the bigger picture. That's why he's been successful in year one.


  1. He seems to understand the game well, and his playes seem to play for him hard, and that's always a good sign. He seems like he can relate to them

  2. so different from the summer when he seemed way too gee whiz

  3. He was in shock, but now reality has taken him out of that mindset. Once the first ball went up, he's been a pro.