Sunday, March 2, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Where the Celtics should hang onto Kris Humphries

Wow, I never pictured myself having an article titled this. But Kris Humprhies has exceeded my expectations, and probably most of yours as well. I think it's only right that he's given an opportunity to remain in Boston. Humprhies will never been an All-Star big, but his game is unique in some ways, and he does more good than harm on the Celtics. Humprhries played great Saturday, but he wasn't 100% satisfied with his performance.

"I missed a bunch of shots I normally make but guys just kept coming to me and I was able to get a rhythm going. Unfortunately it didn’t lead to a win."

Humphries finished with 18 points and 10 rebounds against the Pacers. He played well against two of the best big men in the NBA. As for the future. I see Humphries as a player that's needed on the Celtics bench when they start to become contenders again. Kris is the type of player that can just come in and help. Humprhies is the opposite of how he's viewed. I know most of us were haters of Kris because of his past celebrity. That's in the past, as Ainge says.


He makes hustle plays on the boards, blocks shots, makes teams pay for giving him a wide open elbow jumper, works with the youngsters such as Phil Pressey and Kelly Olynyk and ... The list of things he does for this team is lengthy.

That's why when Danny Ainge is looking at who to keep "on the bus" for next season, Humphries should be a keeper.

He's making $12 million in this, the final year of his contract, but can be had at fraction of that next season.

He has repeatedly said he wants to re-sign with the Celtics this summer, and Boston is indeed open to bringing him back.


  1. Neither Humphreys nor Wallace is to be sneered at.

  2. I like Hump, hes a good player for the future.