Monday, March 17, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Where Danny Ainge controls Rondo's future

My least favorite Boston sports guy (Bob Ryan of course) spoke about Rondo once again. This time it was about Rondo's future in Boston, as if we should be surprised that he's brought this up again. Mr.Ryan believes Ainge has the control on Rondo's future in Boston. Which Ainge does, but if Ainge hangs onto Rondo for the entire 2013-15 season. Then Rondo has all the control. Rondo still has the control in many ways. From some reports, it was Rondo who killed the potential Sacramento deal, because he wasn't going to sign with the Kings. So, not so fast Ryan, I know you love Ainge, but I think he has zero control, unless you call trading Rajon a smart move, which it wouldn't be.


"Rondo isn't in charge here. Danny's in charge," Ryan said. "Danny Ainge is going to make the judgment about whether or not he's the centerpiece of the next movement or whether somebody will overpay for him elsewhere. It's nice that the owner is giving his support, and it's nice that he appreciates that support, but he's not in charge of his destiny here. It's Danny Ainge controlling it."

I think Wyc and the owners could play a surprising role in keeping Rondo. They seem to love what he brings, but at the same time they have 100% trust in Ainge. Ainge has the leverage to deal Rondo if he chooses to go down that road. I still believe Rondo has more power. Teams won't rent him for one year. If he says no, then Ainge can't pull the trigger on a move.

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