Friday, March 7, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Where Kusnierek is "sick and tired of people defending Rondo"

I've never even heard of this lady until this morning. Then again, I don't have the Celtics local station. I just have league pass, so who is this lady, and why do I care about what she says when it comes to Rondo? I don't care for her response, because I think she's missing the point.


"I'm sick and tired of people defending him because he chose to stay in L.A. to go to a birthday party," she said. "I don't care that he didn't have to play. I don't care that he's coming back from injury. Guess what? You choose to be an NBA basketball player. You choose to be part of a team and when you choose to be part of a team, you choose to do everything with that team when your healthy."

I understand what Rondo did was wrong, and I've never defended that. I've been against Danny Ainge's responses in the media. He hasn't let this go, and with him bringing the story up once again. It gives room for Mrs. Kusnierek to give her response. I won't go into great detail on this. I did Wednesday night, so take a look at that article below.

Ainge continues to throw Rondo under the bus in the media, what's next for the Celtics and Rondo?

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