Thursday, March 13, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Where Paul Pierce and the Nets have Miami's number

Paul Pierce has made a legacy against Lebron James. Pierce has always risen to the occasion against the 4-time MVP, and back-to-back NBA champion. That was painful to type, and hopefully that won't turn into 5-time MVP, and back-to-back-to-back NBA champion.

The Nets don't seem to pose a threat against the Heat and Lebron this year. But they seem to play the Heat well. The Nets have won two one-point games over Miami.

Paul Pierce continues to get up for these matchups with James, and despite Pierce being past his prime, and unable to duel James on a nightly basis. Pierce still finds a way to perform well against James. Pierce bested James in a game that both teams needed. LBJ has been less than great since scoring 61 points against the Bobcats. James finished with 19 points in the 96-95 loss to Brooklyn.

Paul Pierce was unstoppable, with flashes of his vintage self as he scored a huge basket when the game was on the line. Pierce finished with 29 huge points, on a super efficient 9-for-12 shooting performance, and 17 of his 29 came in the third when the Nets needed it the most.

The Nets chances of an NBA championship are slim after they lost Lopez for the season. The good news for the Nets is that they'll avoid Miami if they advance past the first round. They would see the winner of the 1 and 8 seed, which the Heat are currently the second seed, two games back of the Pacers. The Heat have been pretty lucky that the Pacers have fallen off a bit, but the Heat haven't much better. James summed it up for the Heat's woes.

"Losing four of five," James said, "that's pretty bad."

It was nice to see Paul Pierce showcasing his skills at his age. He may not perform like this every night, but it was nice seeing Pierce playing like it was 2008.

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  1. So much for LeBron being "the best player on the planet". The Celtics and Pierce have pretty much owned LeBron. That is why he went to Miami in the first place.