Friday, March 28, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Where we get a front row seat with Ainge at the NCAA tournament

Sit back and let the popcorn flow. March Madness is usually about the drama, the "madness" and the underdog stories that captivate America. Danny Ainge treats the NCAA tournament like an autopsy table. With very little human regard, and with little to no heart. He's all business.

Boston Herald

"I'm not looking at the 'why' of what's happening," Ainge said. "I'm not looking at the box score to determine whether a players is playing well or looking at what people's expectations might be. I'm looking [at], why is he playing well? Or, why is he not playing well? How is he defending? How is he interacting with his teammates? How does he respond to adversity?"

"I'm looking at a whole gamut of things, trying to get the full picture of the player, because so much of it is trying to predict who that player can become, not just who he is right now."

I get it, and I don't mind how he picks the players. It's his way, who am I to tell him otherwise. I like his mindset around it all.

Ainge has made a fair deal of mistakes in the draft, but overall Ainge has made some solid moves. Like drafting one Rajon Rondo, or at least trading for him on draft day. Not a bad move at all by Ainge.

"I mean, that was the case with Rondo. After the summer before his sophomore year, we had him rated very, very high. And then he had a sub-par sophomore year by everybody's standards, I think, even by his own. But we still really, really valued him based on numerous games in the summertime with USA Basketball, where he was the best player of that whole group."

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