Thursday, March 13, 2014

Celtics rookie Paul Pressey, reflects on his days as a Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce fan

Pressey hasn't had great stats his rookie year, but he's shown that he's able to play in the NBA after going undrafted in last years draft. Pressey has shown an ability to pass the ball well, and he has a nice looking jumper. Sometimes Pressey's speed causes him to make some mistakes, but it's hard to knock him for trying so hard. After his 7th start this season, in a loss to New York. Pressey talked about his days as a kid, and his love for the 2002 Celtics.

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“He’s one of my favorite players,” Pressey said earlier this season. “Me being younger, eighth grade, you always were just kind of drawn to whoever were the best players on the team. When him and Antoine Walker were on the same team, that was like my favorite. Because all they did was shoot threes. That was fun to watch.

“I remember (the 2002 trip to the Eastern Conference Finals). That was way back. That was against J-Kidd (Jason Kidd) and them. It’s kind of a blur looking all the way back. He always – Paul Pierce, just give him the ball, let him go. You kind of knew he was going to win that game.”

That season was a big year for me as a fan. It brought me back from the dead so to speak. I loved Walker despite some of his issues. It was an awesome year, and it set the tone for Pierce's tenure in Boston.

Pressey posted nine points, five assists, and five rebounds over 35 minutes of floor time against the Knicks. Pressey has shown that he could be Rondo's backup for the future. Will see how much he picks up from Rondo this summer. It could turn Pressey into something else.

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