Monday, March 24, 2014

Celtics talk about March Madness at practice

The Celtics returned to practice after the past two days off. The gang talked about this past weekends NCAA tournament.

ESPN Boston

“I did a pretty good job turning on my fandom, watching games,” Stevens explained. “And again, it kind of goes back to who you know and all of those things. I’m happy for a lot of these guys that I worked with and a couple people I was with USA basketball that are continuing to advance and move on. It’s fun for them. I’m happy for them.”

A convenient four-day break in the Celtics schedule resulted in practice off days for the team on Saturday and Sunday. That respite gave Stevens the opportunity to take in a healthy slate of tournament games both days.

He wasn’t watching the action just as a fan, however. With the Celtics holding two first-round picks in the 2014 NBA draft, Stevens kept a watchful eye out for prospects.

“I think you’re always watching everybody, and you make your own assessments based on them,” Stevens said of watching NBA prospects. “But I’m not in those meetings yet, and we’ll talk about those after the season and once people decide whether they’re coming out or not and all of those things. There are a lot of great performances by individuals and teams, and that’s kind of what makes the tournament special. It’s really a neat showcase for both the teams and the individuals.”

This probably wasn't all about watching fun games. The Celtics will have two first round picks, and Stevens likely watched for scouting.

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  1. we need length but i don't think it has to be at the five. it could be at the four, if sully has a strong strength and conditioning program this summer