Monday, March 24, 2014

Danny Ainge continues to downplay upcoming draft, what's his plan?

I don't know if Danny Ainge is playing a game of poker with the other GM's across the NBA. Ainge seems to always have an angle, and his love of the upcoming draft is in the friend zone. He's not overly warm about the upcoming draft, and honestly I don't want the Celtics to bank on drafting players as the only way to improve. Ainge has a star on his team that he needs to maximize while he's in his prime. Rondo isn't getting any younger, so this summer is the best time to build towards the bigger picture.

It's unclear this early if Ainge has any specific star in mind that he plans to go after this summer. We know some rumors, like Kevin Love's name being out there. We do know that Ainge built the Celtics roster to capitalize on the opportunities that he worked so hard for this past summer. Ainge has continued to call this draft over hyped, and as I said, is he gambling with other GM's? With his act of disregard for the draft keep his phone ringing on draft night?

Ainge is playing the numbers. The odds for the C's to land in the top 3 are not great right now. So perhaps, he's looking at his 2007 notes that have been logged in his filing cabinet. Maybe it's time to blow off the dust. It's time to go big again. With Rondo safely put away of course. Ainge doesn't believe the second coming of the 2003 draft is coming this summer. So, if he truly thinks that. You know he's looking to utilize other avenues to improve. A lot of pressure has been put on this years draft, because the hype machine has been on since last summer, if not a little longer.

The Celtics will have some key number one picks when the Nets could look like the 76ers of the NBA in 2016, 2017, and in 2018. Plus the Celtics hold their own first round picks, and some others that Danny collected. Like the Clippers first round pick in 2015.

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“There are a lot of nice players and players that we'll be excited to work into the development,” said Ainge, whose team currently owns two first-round picks, “but they're not going to come in and turn our team around in one year or two years. But hopefully we'll be able to get a couple of players this year that will be rotation players in the NBA for years to come.”

As he has done before, Ainge continued to suggest that he could target this summer for a blockbuster move or two.

“We do (have cap space), not just by signing free agents into cap space this summer, but through sign-and-trades,” he said. “We have a lot of flexibility for sign-and-trade potential. Next summer we will have cap space, unless we use it on a bigger deal this summer.”

Ainge sounds like a guy banking on something major this summer. I don't know if he wants to keep fans intrigued during this down year, but Ainge is someone who wants to win. He has big shoes to fill in Red's, and he'll never get there, but he still has a legacy that he cares about and wants to build. And having another losing season in 2014-15 isn't ideal. Regardless of what happens this summer. The Celtics will still have room to grow the following summer when Rondo is a free agent. I do believe Ainge wants to have a huge summer this year. I think if he does, than the Rondo signing could be a done deal in 2015.

The Celtics may not have a huge summer, but if they move the needle and become a playoff team again. Than that's a good thing. Let's say Danny brings in one star instead of two. Ainge will still have the 2015 summer, and if the Celtics reach the playoffs and do well. Then maybe another star sees the Celtics as a possible place to contend if he would join forces with Rondo and the other star. So many moving parts go into all of this, and it sounds very stressful.

Ainge is someone who loves this game, and I think he's going to win at this. Regardless of the moves, this roster as it stands will play better next season. Stevens will have another year under his belt, and Rondo will be able to have a summer with this team. He'll start camp with the C's, and guys like Olynk and Sully will have more confidence. Let's not forget the Celtics having two first round picks. The lottery could determine the Celtics plans this coming summer. What if the Celtics win the lottery? The Celtics have been screwed in the past. What if they do it this time to someones else?


  1. rondo needs to spend thesummer in boston

  2. IS that your response to everything now??lol

  3. Danny has built this roster to win in the next coming summers. Through the draft and with trades and free agents. He's really put the Celtics ahead of any team in the NBA when it comes to building fast.

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