Thursday, March 20, 2014

Doc Rivers still providing Rondo guidance 3,000 miles away

Well, if you thought Rondo and Doc had hard feelings for one another. You were mistaken. I think it shows one thing, and something that others won't address. Rondo is not a hard player to coach. The media ran with the story that Doc wanted to knockout Rondo during practice. The report didn't have much behind it besides that. I'm glad that Doc and Rondo don't hate each other. I don't think Stevens should worry either. Sometimes you need others to point things out, an outsider who's away from the situation.


“I speak to Doc all the time,” Rondo told Baxter Holmes of The Boston Globe. “I’ve talked to him on the phone. I’ve talked to him after games, text-wise. He gives me advice all the time.”

The major piece of advice Rivers has imparted, according to Holmes, is to be patient. The retooling process will not be fast or easy in Boston, as Rivers and Rondo know from experience. They weathered the 2006-07 season together, winning just 24 games and losing a franchise-record 18 straight at one point. But Rondo also knows being part of a turnaround has its benefits. After taking part in the 2008 championship and helping to lead the Celtics deep into the playoffs the next year, Rondo was rewarded with a five-year, $55 million extension. Similar rewards could await anyone on this season’s team who is still around when times get good again.

“Everything I tell guys or any advice I give is for the betterment of them and the team,” Rondo told the Globe. “I don’t benefit from it — well, maybe from getting an assist — but I want them to be in the right rotation defensively. I want us to all be on the same page. And then when we win, we all win. When we win, everybody gets paid.”

I'm sure Doc and Rondo aren't spending hours talking about the Celtics. It's probably Doc supporting a former player, and just providing Rondo an ear to vent his problems.


  1. Surprise, surprise! Not really. I never bought into the whole "Doc was driven out of town by Rondo" story. Utterly ridiculous, made-up media crap.

  2. Oh please. So if you didn't believe that story, what makes you believe this one?!!! This huggy luvvy story is no more credible. I think the truth is probably a mixture. Relationships are complicated. Clearly Doc wanted to get away from Rondo, and I think on some level, he probably knew that Rondo too needed to move on. It doesn't mean they don't still have a relationship. No relationship is all one way or all another way.

    1. Do I believe that Doc and Rondo had a perfect relationship? No, I don't. Do I believe that Rondo ran Doc out of town? No, I don't. Why do I believe this story is true? Because Rondo said he talks to Doc all of the time and I do not believe that Rondo would lie about that.